Colour Conquest

Colour conquest …

One of my favourite seasons of the year is finally here! I love fall-time with all its colour and texture…not to mention the cooler days are a perfect inspiration for layering up our living spaces.

Colour is a great inspiration in design. It can influence the direction and style of a space. It can enhance and punctuate a monochromatic look, create drama in a room or do the opposite and create a relaxing serene environment. This year is all about colour and we are seeing it everywhere

An abundance of wonderfully bold, classic colours with a few surprise ones that have popped into our fall colour palette. Deep and dark port is the front-runner for me, followed closely by a great smokey spruce. But let’s not forget about the rich navies, burnt orange, pretty pinks and earthy maple tones we’ve also been seeing. Pair any of these with the slightly more obscure accent colours like a curry-toned yellow or a gold-toned lime green and you’re on your way to creating an inspiring colour palette in your home.

The richness and depth of colour we are seeing this season is enough to fill any room, however when accompanied by a great mix of patterns and textures whether in fabrics, wall coverings, accessories, or furnishings … and a great little design trick called “layering” … you have the makings of a creative eclectic style all its own. But I won’t digress, and we’ll leave our discussion of mixing patterns and textures, or trying your hand at creating that layering trick for another day.

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  1. Hi Linda, I was just reading a short article by you in Next Home Condo Guide titled “Look Up!”. You suggest things like replacing headboards with a bookshelf and putting a shelf above your door frame. I hoped to see examples on your website and wonder if you can direct me to any.

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