Hi and welcome to our LMD blog … I’m so excited you are joining us! I’m looking forward to sharing design trends, inspirations and tips for your own home.

I’m passionate about all things design, decorating and construction. I just love the start of a new project when the creativity is on overdrive, almost as much as I love “demo day” when all the mess begins, or “install day” as everything starts to take shape on site. I always end up doing the same thing at each and every installation … I stand there all excited saying the same thing “I just love it …it looks just like it did in my head” lol! This is not to say that there aren’t challenges or issues to deal with as projects progress …but that never takes away from the joy and excitement of doing what I’m fortunate to do for a living.

Design is not just about creating a “pretty space” it’s about creating a home that works for you. I believe that functionality is key to good design, but it should also feel natural and be adaptable as your lives progress. My own style is relaxed, comfortable but still elevated. I love the tension between old and new. Seeing a traditional room with old plaster mouldings and a beautifully distressed old floor that is decorated with modern furniture and finishes makes my heart flutter. It creates a sense of timelessness in a home for me … and probably why my husband and I bought an 1840s Georgian inspired farmhouse which has given me much enjoyment renovating!

Home is where the heart is, I know that might sound a bit cliche but I always believe that to be true…and to that end I want to create spaces where memories are made for our clients. Where you can relax with your family and friends and enjoy life! The excitement of seeing our design creations come to life is awesome and frankly it’s a feeling that never wears off – no matter how many projects I have done. But I’m not alone in this adventure I am very fortunate and grateful to have an incredible team working along side … they keep everything running smoothly but more importantly are there to share in the laughs and stresses of our days both in the studio and on site …they make the days just that much better!

So stay tuned as we are looking forward to exploring and sharing the road ahead with all of you while giving you a peak into our day-to-day work lives, our process and our projects as they come to life.