Everything and the kitchen sink

Kitchens are one of my favourite rooms to renovate.  There’s a crazy amount of options to be inspired with when it comes to finishes for cabinetry, hardware, counters, flooring, lighting … the list goes on!  One kitchen item I often find doesn’t get much attention is the kitchen sink.  We have so many options to select from these days whether it be the traditional stainless, fireclay, natural stone, cast iron, copper or granite composite to name a few … and what’s more is that there is a great range of colours to choose from also.  One of my favs for the last while has been the Silgranit sinks from Blanco.


Technology and design have definitely come together with Blanco to create products that make our lives simple and our kitchens looking stylish.  Their Silgranit line of sinks, and coordinating faucets, are constructed of an exclusive composite combined with up to 80% natural granite making it almost impervious to scratches, stains, heat and impact; not to mention they clean up easily which let’s face it is a huge bonus in our hectic lives!  Their Ikon sink is a modern take on the traditional apron front – or farmhouse – sink.  It comes in various neutral colours ranging from white to anthracite and easily can become a statement piece in our kitchen.  As much as colour contrast can be impactful in your kitchen design, using one of the colours available in a Silgranit sink equally can give you a more seamless and integrated look as it blends in with your countertop.


But that’s not to say that a stainless is out of favour because it isn’t!  Stainless sinks these days are far beyond the basic double bowl sink that everyone seems to have owned.  Blanco has a selection which I love (and own) called Quatrus.  This is a high gauge stainless steel with excellent durability, strength and lustre.  The QuatrusR15 U Super Single is a great option being a single large bowl, that is deeper than most which is super convenient.  By eliminating the roundness of most sink bottoms, Blanco has given this sink a far more mod vibe.  Customize your kitchen sink and make it work for you by adding one of their many counter space saving accessories like colanders, cutting boards etc..


Whatever you decide when planning your kitchen renovation definitely do a bit of investigating before you start renovating.  Familiarize yourself with all the options available and how they not only can change the design of your kitchen but how you function in your space as well.  Then  look to buy the best of quality and style your budget allows as this is not the easiest of items to change in your kitchen.